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Hidden Treasures

It was Shabbat morning and I was looking through my jewelry for something gold to wear.  I came across a gold necklace and matching bracelets.  I had never worn them before.  A single strand necklace with 7 separate wrist bracelets to … Continue reading

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Did You Know…?

..before WWII the Nazi government had laws to sterilize people, on the books July 14, 1933?  Called the “Law for Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring.”  Included were deafness, Epilepsy, blindness, mental deficiency and physical deformity of any kind. Compulsory sterilization … Continue reading

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People We Meet

In the last few weeks I have traveled quite a bit.  October 25 I landed in Inverness, Scotland.  A few days later I was in London, then back to Israel and flying to the US the following day.  Less than … Continue reading

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Soil Getting Low?

This evening when texting with a friend when she mentioned how glad she was that God allowed her to be useful in the US when she was originally from Trinidad. My comment in return was how God has a tendency … Continue reading

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Playing With A Howitzer

Can you imagine?  I have been playing with a Howitzer!  The choice of weapon by the Army and Marines is the M777 155mm 39 caliber  gun weighing less than 10,000 lbs. This is one big gun. Imagine, now, letting your … Continue reading

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Hands Off!

For the last two days, in Akko and then Migdal ha Emek, we have been blessed to host a group of volunteers testing for and giving away eyeglasses.  I had no idea how involved it could be to give away … Continue reading

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Grace Wins

I am tired.  I admit it. We have had volunteers at Beit Shalom since January through April 1st.  Some times every bed was full.  That is a lot of volunteers! That is also a lot of planning, driving, talking, cleaning, … Continue reading

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“Strength” by Hal Lyon

After 30 years in the Army and over 23 in civilian law-enforcement, needless to say, physical fitness and mental toughness has been a large part of my life.  Sometimes consuming me with all the calorie counting, protein in-take, miles Run … Continue reading

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Warfare in the Electronic World

Okay, so my iPhone died.  It was actually kind of dramatic.  Screen went black, then the little Apple symbol showed up.  Off, on, off, on… for about a minute then suddenly, a bright red screen followed by nothing.  I have … Continue reading

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After Volunteer Groups Leave

Today I am working in the office catching up on lots of typical things involved in overseeing an organization.  Over the last eight weeks we have had several groups of volunteers with singles in between or overlapping.  In other words, … Continue reading

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