Passion Statement

Sofia Melamed (Small)

“Go, visit the Holocaust Survivors. Hug, kiss and love them; tell them I love them.”

With these words burning in her heart, Susan Heagy began visiting Survivors of the Shoah, bringing hope and compassion to many who were alone and forgotten. Susan, and those who joined her in her efforts, soon discovered an entire segment of the population starved for relationship and the loving touch of someone who cared. These people were bereft of family members through the brutality of the Nazis during the Second World War. Traumatized and orphaned, both emotionally and literally, they made their way to Israel and other places in the world. Sadly, many are still alone today.

Abundant Hope is making a difference in the lives of these special people who are so close to the Heart of Adonai.  Through visitation, Survivor Adoption, volunteering and educational programs, Survivors of the Shoah are receiving the hugs, kisses and love they so desperately need. Survivors are dying at the rate of one every thirty minutes in Israel– time is short. AHI is working quickly to relieve the suffering of loneliness among the last of the Survivors.

We trust the God of Avraham, Isaac and Yacov.  HaShem loves these sweet Survivors even more than we do. We trust their own Messiah will speak to them as we bring our offerings of love, without conditions.  We need more hands and feet to go and embrace them.  We welcome you to join us.