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We know the Survivors of the Holocaust have been through traumatic times, have suffered terribly and are now in the last years.  Their time left is short, and so is ours.  It is urgent that we make a difference in their lives.

But before we can help someone, we need to know more about them, their past, their present condition and what their needs are.  We have provided several pages for you to browse, learn what is happening today, and what you can do to be part of the solution for any problems or needs.  You can click on the link below or use the menu to your left.  Search through, read what AHI is doing, and see what God has to say about your part…

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Projects  What are we really doing?  How can you be a part?  Read here to discover how you can be Hands on or Finances invested for the needs of the Survivors.

Friends and Associates  Who is involved in the actual work of the Survivors?  Some are supportive monetarily, some give their services, some give prayer… all give as God directs.

Heirloom Project  Read how to touch the hearts of the Survivors with your hands and talents.  You can make a difference that will last for generations.

History of the Holocaust and the Survivors   Here you will find resources listed for learning about the Holocaust Survivors, their past and their present.   You will also be able to learn about their Jewish roots and history.

Here are some questions you may have not even considered:  How many Survivors are alive today?   Why did Survivors from Europe go to Israel before the Survivors of Russian speaking countries?   What train tunnel was blown up after several hundred Survivors made it into Israel?  Did all the Jews go quietly to the gas chambers or did some fight the Nazis?

Answers to these kinds of questions, and more, can be found as you read books, articles, web sites and watch movies from lists recommended. on this page.


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