Grace Wins

I am tired.  I admit it.

We have had volunteers at Beit Shalom since January through April 1st.  Some times every bed was full.  That is a lot of volunteers!

That is also a lot of planning, driving, talking, cleaning, preparing, executing (plans, not people) and… did I mention driving?  Don’t forget we are a global group so this means volunteers from various cultures.  

Even though it is sometimes exhausting, I am so grateful for the people whom God sends.  And He does send them!  No one is there by chance.

It is always amazing to me how people of different backgrounds, countries, ages and basic theologies can all come into one house and get along with one another!  I mean, seriously, how many people in the same church actually get along if they have to live together for a week or more?!  When you start mixing languages, habits and beliefs- wouldn’t you expect it to get crazy?

But it doesn’t.  Organized chaos sometimes, but crazy?  No.  Beit Shalom remains peaceful.  Our prayer time in the morning is anointed and precious.  Our teams work together and all come home blessed.  Exhausted, but blessed.

Why?  How can that happen… consistently happen… over and over again?

Grace.  Like the song by Matthew West “Grace Wins” [click here] …

Each person who comes to give honor and compassion to the Holocaust Survivors comes with their own personal baggage.  Not the kind that is put in the hold of the plane but the kind that is in the hold of our heart.  This applies to every one of us.  No one is exempt.

All those volunteers who are a prodigal son, have a tainted past, are a thief or simply believe they are the worst human being ever… somehow each one is given a measure of Grace to then give to one another.  These folks who just met are able to mesh into a family, a team, into brothers and sisters.

In Beit Shalom they find peace, the Presence of God and a personal cup of Grace poured just for them.

As the song says:

For the Prodigal son
Grace Wins
For the Woman at the well
Grace Wins
For the blind men and the begger
Grace Wins
For always and forever
Grace Wins
For the lost out on the street
Grace Wins
For the worst part of you and me
Grace Wins
For the thief on the cross
Grace Wins

And how do these Volunteers who are giving out from their depths, deep emotional measure to the Holocaust Survivors, react to this unexpected Grace?    Pure joy!

Words cant describe the way it feels
When mercy floods a thirsty soul
A Broken side begins to heal
And grace returns what guilt has stole

And as a result, that Grace which has been received is given out again in good measure, sifted and shaken together, running over unto those team-mates who needed it just as much.  But it is so good when it is shared!

Grace Wins- Everytime.

Come experience God’s Grace, Goodness and Glimpse His Glory.  Come join us at Beit Shalom.  Volunteer, make a difference, and find out what HaShem has waiting for you in His Home Country of Israel.

Come bask in His Grace, drink deeply and share it with others.

Grateful for His new Grace every day,


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