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Amuta is the Hebrew word for “non-profit.”  It is the equivalent of a 501(c)3 non-profit in the USA.  Establishing such an organization in Israel is required to enable a group of people within their country to bring hope and help to a people group in need of assistance.

Abundant Hope International began our non-profit in the USA to help the Holocaust AHI logo 2014 (Small)Survivors in Israel.  For operational funds the non-profit status was needed to accept financial support.  It is the same for the amuta.

After establishing this assistance program for the Survivors, one of the main goals for AHI has been to open an Israeli charity, gather a group of like-minded Israeli citizens to work with us, train them in how to give honor and love without conditions to the Survivors, and share this work with them.  We have always believed Nationals (citizens) should hve the opportunity to assist their own people.

The amuta is open, operational and we have a wonderful board of caring and interested people made up of mostly Israeli citizens.  But we have also included members from the USA and The Netherlands.

The activities of the amuta are increasing.  Cohesiveness comes from unity and teamwork. Our Board decisions and protocols are set to accomplish what we see as needed assistance to the Survivors.  We will consistently re-evaluate our activities as the Survivors age, changing their immediate needs.

Training and preparation of our dedicated and compassionate volunteers and staff will be ongoing as we seek to find the most excellent way.


We are on track and God is blessing our work.  Please pray He will bless all the hands who become part of our team.  Pray too for those who partner with AHI.  We ask for your intercession as we continue this work for the Survivors until the last one is gone… and then to care for the generations following.

The name of the amuta is now Tzedek le Dorot, formerly Shayfa Tikva.

We will serve the Survivors of the Shoah, and after that serve their children, the 2nd Generation Holocaust Survivors.  The work will go on…



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“Ask an Israeli Citizen!”

Have you ever wished you could ask a question of a citizen of Israel? What is it like to live in Israel? What is it like to live with rockets?  How about the animals in Israel or the driving conditions?  What is the food like?

Here you can Q & A with an Israeli citizen.  You will be able to ask questions… and get answers.  It is easy.

Put your question in the comments section below and include your name.   We will give the answer to your question online along with who answered.  Please phrase simple questions to make it easy to answer.

We are ready to hear from you!


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