Board & Management

Susan Heagy, President/Founder of AHI

Susan Heagy is the founder of Abundant Hope International, established in 2008. She began visiting Holocaust Survivors living in Israel in January of 2004. Through expansion and partnership she administrates a global volunteer staff and speaks to groups worldwide in order to educate the public on the Holocaust and the Survivors of Israel. Her background in administration and management in the film industry has proven an invaluable asset to complete the many work aspects of this organization.

Nancy Kurtz: Adoption Program Director, US & International

Nancy Kurtz has been an integral part of AHI, having facilitated the placement of Holocaust Survivors in Israel through the AHI Adoption program for several years. Nancy has been actively involved since 2005, when she adopted her own Survivor. Her personal experience of interaction gives her understanding and an ability to discern how to accomplish what is best for all involved. As a retired administrative Registered Nurse, Nancy has management and human resource skills to benefit both Survivors and the adoptive families.  Nancy continues in her role of Adoption Program Director, assigning Adopters to the Survivors.

Del Hansen: Adviser to the Board

Del Hansen joined the AHI Board in 2012. Following a time of volunteering together with AHI in Israel, Del and his wife Jean, recognized the work of AHI in Israel to be of great importance.

Del and Jean, both Jewish, are supportive of the work of AHI.  Del has worked in several different countries in an engineering capacity and together, they were in leadership at one of the largest youth camps in the USA. Adjusting to other cultures, traveling worldwide and learning and speaking other languages (Indonesian and currently studying Hebrew), has prepared Del for making decisions on the Board of AHI.

Now retired from the Board, Del now fills the capacity of advisor.

Elva Spoor: Secretary

Elva Spoor has been involved since the first year Susan began visiting Survivors. She joined the Board at its formation in 2008 and visited Survivors in Israel a few years later. Elva maintains contact with the Administrators and bookkeeper as well as praying faithfully for the staff and Survivors. As a former office manager, she is well aware of the need for organization.

Dan Sutton: Director of Media

Dan Sutton discovered AHI though a trip to Israel, the purpose of which was the taking of videos of over 100 Holocaust Survivors. His photographic skills have produced wonderful portraits to remember the Survivors and record their war account for a lasting testament of their lives. He’s presented these photographic records as gifts to the Survivors and their adoptive families. Dan is a man of many talents, including photography, pilot and aircraft mechanic, and is now retired as Mayor of his city. Dan displays incredible patience and integrity through it all.  In addition Dan is now overseeing the maintenance of our website.

Sergeant Major Warren Lyon II, Retired: Director of Vets of Hope

Sergeant Major Lyon learned about AHI while seated on a plane with Susan.  After discovering a mutual interest in Israel he made arrangements to come and visit the Survivors. He has joined our AHI Board and is facilitating several new directions for the benefit of our Survivors.  His skills in the military will be assets for our future direction.  His blog  titled “Strength” is available on  our website.


Keith Goodling, Director of IT

Keith discovered AHI along with his wife, Dawn, through visiting Israel.  He works for Intulse and lives in Pennsylvania.  Impressed by his integrity and commitment to the Truth of the Messiah, we were pleased to have him join our Board.  His advice and direction have proven to be quite valuable.

Dawn, a strong intercessor, is our prayer warrior for AHI and our staff.  We are grateful for this couple standing with us.

AHI War Room Prayer

Be a Prayer Warrior (Small)We have a War Room for Prayer Warriors. We are looking for those who feel called to pray with and for the Holocaust Survivors. Let us know on our Contact form if you would like to stand with us.



We are most grateful for the translators who have volunteered their time to translate letters and cards sent to the Survivors by their adopters.  We mention their names here in honor and to request prayer for them.  Translation is an art and not an easy thing to do.  In addition they do it out of love for the Survivors.  We are grateful for these wonderful people!

Russian: Liza, Alex, Albina, Yana

Hebrew: Liza, Louise, Sima

Yiddish: Louise, Brecht

German: Brecht, Erika