Playing With A Howitzer

Can you imagine?  I have been playing with a Howitzer!  The choice of weapon by the Army and Marines is the M777 155mm 39 caliber  gun weighing less than 10,000 lbs.

This is one big gun.

Imagine, now, letting your child or grandchild play with this gun.  Imagine letting them fire it- or at least try to…

This is exactly what I was doing- trying to fire my Howitzer.  But I was unable to.  I was as ineffective as a child.  Even holding the ammo, you can see, is too heavy.

Did I have an actual, physical, honest-to-goodness Howitzer in my hands?  No.  I have something much bigger with much heavier ammo.  Prayer. Sincere, strong, all-powerful, amazing right-on-target, never miss prayer; access to God the Creator.

Why was I unable to fire my guns?  Observe…

First and foremost, I could not do this alone.  The ammo for my gun was too heavy for me to load it.  I needed someone stronger and more knowledgable to help me prepare my “guns of warfare.”   Without the proper ammo, locked and loaded, what good is our gun?

Without the proper words, connection and knowledge of how to pray, what good is our prayer?

What if the ammo is not good?  What if the mechanism has not been serviced and checked?  Better make sure you are in good working order before you go attempting to shoot your gun.

“…but the prayer of the upright pleases him.” Prov 15:8

Be prepared and set your sights on the goals God gives you. Psalm 15 is a good guide for who we should be.

Next, we cannot do this alone.  Notice the Howitzer is not fired by one soldier alone.  It takes a team and they all support one another. Each has a specific job as a team.  They depend on one another.  They cannot defeat the enemy without one another.

We also should depend on each other in prayer.  Yeshua indicated we should pray together and for one another.  This is not a Lone Ranger deal.

Do we find ourselves praying alone? Yes, of course we do.  But we should have a show of support in others.  It is still teamwork.

But how do we know what to pray?

How does the team firing the Howitzer know where to send their firepower?  They have a scout checking for the enemy and telling them where to aim.

So do we.  The Holy Spirit can give us knowledge and supernatural understanding of how we can be effective and fervent in our prayer.  We can move mountains!

So, what was I doing wrong when I was trying to fire my ” Prayer Howitzer” and not doing so well?

  • I was not depending enough on the Holy Spirit to know where the enemy was and where to direct my prayer.
  • I was not utilizing other prayer warriors enough to make sure we were praying as a team.
  • I was not doing enough maintenance to make sure I am prepared for my own prayer warfare.
  • I was not standing strong enough, refusing to back down.

A good friend explained to me the term “Tip of the Spear” used in the military.  It refers to the unit that is out front as they go into battle positions, clearing the area of the enemy and moving the soldiers forward.  Essentially, the first guys in.

He also indicated I was in the position of “Tip of the Spear” being out front and making the way for those who come to do the real work, bringing love, honor and life to the Holocaust Survivors here in Israel.

I get it.  I understand.  I need to stand strong and pray my way forward.

“…You know it gives me a swell of pride knowing soldiers of your… caliber will be leading the charge tomorrow. Tip of the spear. Edge of the knife.”                                                                                  – quote of Master Sergeant Farell, Edge of Tomorrow

Everyone of us can be of the caliber God needs.  But not everyone is out front.  How does that effect your personal position?  It doesn’t.  God places us in each position because that is where He knows we will perform best.  Out front or support.  Which are you?

Gather your prayer team around you, pray together and pray to win.  Get the enemy’s position, set your sights, and let that ammo go!

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” – Alexander the Great

We are led by the Lion of Judah.  Let’s all be His sheep and win our battles with prayer warfare!   Hoo-ahh!

Looking in God’s Manual for the right ammo,



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