Hidden Treasures

It was Shabbat morning and I was looking through my jewelry for something gold to wear.  I came across a gold necklace and matching bracelets.  I had never worn them before.  A single strand necklace with 7 separate wrist bracelets to be worn together.  I decided they were perfect.

We went to congregation.  About an hour into the program I suddenly noticed I only had one bracelet on.  All the others were not there!  I looked up my sleeve, on top of the sleeve, felt for them further up my arm- nothing, they had disappeared.  Checked the floor around my chair and the surrounding area.  Where did I drop them?  At the van when I got out; on the walk coming inside…?

My friend, Brecht, was with me and I asked her if she had seen my bracelets anywhere.  She saw the single bracelet, looked on my sleeve and the floor and they were not there.

The message was continuing and I had to accept the bracelets were gone so I may as well pay attention.  I put my right hand over my left wrist and the lone bracelet.  The speaker was talking about Rahab, a prostitute of Jericho, and the Israelite spies she hid on her roof.  Her action to save them preserved the lives of her and her family.  More than that, God chose to put her in the lineage of King David.   The speaker referred to how God chooses us for His purposes no matter who we are or what we have done.  We are chosen.  God provides everything we need to complete His work, setting aside our past and giving us purpose, gifts we need, in His Time.  Until then, we cannot see what He has for us.

Gradually I became aware of a difference under my hand.  The single bracelet felt different somehow.  I lifted my hand and was shocked to see all my bracelets again around my wrist.  They had not been there before!  Brecht had seen it was a single strand.  It was not my imagination.

Had God hidden them before?  Were they lost and He had returned them?  If so, why?  They were not valuable so it would not be a financial loss.  I sat there questioning and then finally touched Brecht’s hand and showed her the bracelets.  She was just as shocked as I was and asked, “Where did they come from?!”  I explained how my hand had covered the one bracelet and the others appeared.  I mentioned I did not know why God had done this.

Brecht knew.  She prayed and thanked God for showing me through this demonstration how He has hidden treasures for me, for AHI, that I know nothing about.  I cannot see them but He will reveal them in His own time.

I knew she was right.  I have been struggling with the future of our work with the Survivors, our direction and God’s Provision.  Standing, continuing to stand, even when things are hard and I am not sure what is next, He is in the midst.   God showed me today if I just continue to have the faith, to stand with Him, we will fulfill His Plan.




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