Prayer (Small)

Why do we pray?

Prayer (Hebrew word: Tefilot) is central to the Jewish faith and its primary purpose is to draw close to God.  In the Jewish tradition it is taught God should be praised before asking Him to satisfy a request and after, thanked for all He has done in the past.  We see this method of prayer in the Psalms.

We acknowledge the God of Avraham, Isaac and Yacov is Sovereign and our only Hope.  Our desire to bring compassion, love and help to the Holocaust Survivors originates from HaShem.  Therefore, it is El Shaddai, meaning All Sufficient One, to whom we appeal for the care and protection of His People.

Who receives this prayer?

AHI is an organization with a mandate to serve the Survivors of the Shoah (Holocaust), doing our utmost to bring love, hope and assurance that their lives will be remembered always. To fulfill this we pray.  We depend upon God for all things, not because He needs reminding, but because He is the One who cares for and watches over His People.

Heaven’s response to our prayers is seen in very practical ways in the lives of those connected with AHI.

  • Volunteers remain strong
  • Funds for projects continue to come in
  • Most importantly, the Survivors experience love, hope and the assurance they are remembered through the service of people who truly care for them.
  • Visits that include food and gifts, warm smiles and embraces, elicit lifted spirits and often the receiver ends up becoming the giver as lives are shared.

An example of the Survivors depending on HaShem is evidenced in one Survivor named Bronislava.  Usually found wrapped in blankets to keep warm, she would sit in her chair cradling badly crippled hands and feet from frostbite contracted during her experience during the Holocaust.  Barely able to hold her Bible, she still managed to pray from it often and reminded AHI visitors consistently of this simple truth:

“God hears you when you pray.”

Bronislava and Bonnie (Small)

Who prays?

“He answered their prayers because they trusted in Him.”   I Chronicles 5:20b

An ever increasing number of people worldwide have taken up the service of tefila, of prayer, for those, like Bronislava, who endured the Shoah and survived.  They pray faithfully that these often forgotten people will know peace and a respite from the horrific memories that haunt them and the fear that their lives will not be remembered.

The Survivors are aging and many have already died.  AHI is here to help ensure as many as possible receive love, hope and the assurance that they will be remembered through our service to them.

Intercessors are desperately needed; time is running out.  Are you an Intercessor?  Do you both love to pray and see results of your prayer?

Prayer is vital.  Prayer is our shield.  Prayer is our fuel.  Prayer is the reason we can do anything within AHI.  We depend on our intercessors to be in the throne room so we can be in the homes and hearts of Survivors in Israel.

 As we expand and grow, our need for more intercessors also increases.  We feel it is important that every staff member and volunteer, and especially the Survivors receive intercession on their behalf.

If you are an Intercessor and feel God may be calling you to join our AHI Prayer Team, please contact us.  If you apply for the Team, we would be thrilled to speak with you and pray with you.  If you feel called upon to pray for the Survivors on your own, we thank you for your willing and important intercession.

To apply for this special prayer team please fill in the contact sheet.  Someone will be in touch with you.  God bless you as you pray for Israel and her People.

When you fill out the Contact Sheet, ask about the AHI Prayer Intercessory Team.