The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

Abundant Hope International understands the value of coming to Israel, meeting her people and seeing the history first hand.  Our base of operations is located in the south end of Akko, about 20 minutes north of Haifa.

Located directly across the bay from the ancient, 5,000 year-old walled City of Akko (Acre), right on the Mediterranean Sea, we are well located for prayer over northern Israel.  Central to many of the northern Biblical sights, it is a good location to plan your tours and visits.

We welcome tour groups to visit, learn about our work with Holocaust Survivors, arrange to meet Survivors and pray for Israel.

Free secure wireless is available  We are a 5 minute walk to the sea.

The Sanctuary, though the base of operations for AHI, offers a peaceful and quiet respite; a place to pray and hear from God.

The Sanctuary, Derech ha Yam 1/66, Akko 2451618 

Public transportation is available throughout Akko:  taxis average 15-20nis anywhere within Akko, buses less than 10nis/day and the train comes directly to Akko from Ben Gurion International Airport.

Overnight accommodations are available through other local establishments.  The Acco Beach Hotel is one, located directly in front of our building and on the Mediterranean Sea.

To make arrangements for your tour group or individual visits please email, call or Susan is on WhatsApp and AHI is on Facebook

USA: 717-542-8810         Israel: +972-54-690-6711