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In the last few weeks I have traveled quite a bit.  October 25 I landed in Inverness, Scotland.  A few days later I was in London, then back to Israel and flying to the US the following day.  Less than 24 hours after landing in Philadelphia I was on my way to TX.

Lots of opportunities to meet people on the planes, in the airport, hotels, TV stations, those hosting me and giving me opportunities to share our vision and heart for the Holocaust Survivors.

What amazes me about making contact with everyone is their openness.  In a world of distrust, betrayal, danger and fear, not being sure of the sanity of those around you, those I meet still are willing to take a chance and trust speaking with a stranger.

On a propeller driven puddle-jumper from Harrisburg to Dulles Airport I sat in the front seat beside a man named Dennis.  Very friendly and talkative, a veteran of many flights, he engaged the attendant in the jump seat directly in front of us.  Subjects were varied but he showed an interest in others.  After asking me what I do he asked for a business card.  When we embarked he walked me to the shuttle for another terminal so I would be sure where to get my ride, then walked on to his own gate.

In Scotland I had incredible hosts who are active in so many ways.  I met others who gave me more insight into the Kindertransport, which is the subject of my next book to follow “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”  Sharing in two primary classes between 6-11 years of age was a privilege.  Speaking to the Highland Friends of Israel was wonderful, meeting people who unconditionally support the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

I arrived in London a few days later though my luggage took 36 hrs more! 🙂  Another opportunity to meet more people!  An interview on Middle East Report on Revelation TV with Simon Barrett led to meeting Howard, the founder and his son, Luke who runs the sound.  Later that evening we met with a special man of the Jewish community.  Following we went to Parliament offices (security like Israel!) and viewed the debut of a documentary “Love Your Enemy” by filmmaker Michael Cohen.  Again, meeting people from everywhere!

The next day I was in the TBN UK studio for a TV interview on my book “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”  In the office was a sweet young woman interested to come to Israel and help us.

Flying to Israel, to the US, to TX, to Scotland, Manchester, London… in all of this travel God is so good to give me appointments of people to meet, speak with, learn from and make contacts for possible future engagements.  He is the best One to set up our appointments of whom to know.  No matter where you are, talk to the person near you and find out what God has for you.  You will never know until you smile and offer your attention to someone else.

Looking forward to seeing whom I will meet on my next flight on Thursday…


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