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What is Voluntourism?

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As the word implies, voluntourism combines volunteering with touring/vacation. Our program makes a way where you are able to interact with the people and the culture more at your destination before touring the country.  As we at AHI always recommend,

“Meet the people of Israel first, those who helped establish this land- then go experience the archaeology of the Jewish history.  You will have a better understanding.”

With AHI, you can combine meeting and assisting Holocaust Survivors in Israel, living among the Israeli citizens and taking time out to tour.

Our program for assisting the Survivors is basically the same in different cities, varying somewhat with different times of the year and holidays, such as visiting in all cities or our Sukkot BBQ at Beit Shalom.  Below is a possible sample of what the volunteer portion of your trip would be like:

Volunteer Itinerary

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Sunday – settle into Beit Shalom, visiting Survivors, Ghetto Fighter’s Museum, dinner out

Monday – special Survivor event at a hostel or club, touring 5000 yr Old Acre and lunch, visiting Survivors, project at the house

Tuesday – Survivor renovation project and lunch out

Wednesday – Complete renovation project and/or Survivor giveaway

Thursday – travel to see Survivors in another city, lunch out, touring in the afternoon

Friday – Survivor visits in morning, Shabbat begins and rest of day free

Saturday- Shabbat, free day



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Depending on where your interest lies we can recommend either established tours, Voluntour Leaders already working with AHI or you have the option of volunteering with AHI and then going on your own tour.

If you are interested in bringing a small group to Voluntour with AHI, we are currently developing a Voluntour Kit to assist you.  Check back on this page for further information; it is in development and we will let you know when it is available.   Here are a few ideas for you:

Saturday – late afternoon, bus to Tiberias

Sunday – Touring in northern Galilee, Golan Heights, return to Tiberias

Monday- Day in Tiberias, sail Sea of Galilee, surrounding sites, to Jerusalem in evening

Tuesday- Touring in Jerusalem

Wednesday – Touring in Jerusalem

Thursday – Day at the Dead Sea and Masada

Friday – fly out in the morning

Voluntourism in Israel is the best of both worlds.  The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the Survivors of the Holocaust followed by viewing the most important archaeological sites in the world- the history of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

Requirement: Fill out and submit a volunteer application

Come and spend some time with us.  We guarantee you will not return home the same. Contact us to sign up and for more information.  We look forward to seeing you in Israel!