Volunteer work with AHI includes both practical and relational support and begins with filling out an application.

  1. Volunteers with professional service abilities are appreciated.
  • Pedicures
  • hair stylist / barber
  • musician
  • home repair
  • maintenance and cleaning at our volunteer house may be included


2. Due to language barriers, much communication is through hugging and smiles. Translators are provided where needed.

3. An average volunteer work week is approximately 35-40 hours, with some flexibility expected.

4. AHI coordinates all schedules.  Not all services are needed at all times.

5. Short-term volunteer assignments can be arranged for one week up to three months.

6. Long-term volunteer assignments are on an as-needed and approved (by both AHI and the Israeli government) basis for up to one year.

7. Both short- and long-term volunteer times of service can include shared AHI housing.  Volunteers can also arrange their own lodging.

8. Each volunteer is responsible for the following:

  • Round-trip airfare to and from Israel
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Personal food and living expenses
  • Utilities, if residing in AHI housing
  • Personal touring costs

9. AHI provides public transportation costs for volunteer duties.

10. Notification to AHI concerning any changes to dates of intended time of service.

Coming to Israel to work with AHI is not what one might call a relaxing vacation.  It is a commitment to work with the elderly and complete whatever assignment is needed – but it is a very satisfying and worthwhile investment of time.  We also want volunteers to experience Israel and we do our best to facilitate time for exploration and touring.

Volunteers are an essential part of assisting these particular citizens of Israel in their time of need. They are dying at the rate of one every 30 minutes – their time is quickly disappearing. They need your help in their final years.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

House Manager at Beit Shalom in Israel 2015

June 1-30       

June 25-July 31  

July 25-August 31

August 25-September 30 

September 25-October 30  

October 25-November 30 

November 25-December 31 

Holocaust Survivor Adoption Program

A new program, an opportunity to be involved right from your home.  We are looking for volunteers from any country, any where in the world, who would like to help connect Adopters to their Survivors and help develop their relationship.

Regional Adopter Coordinators – monthly contact with Adopters preferably in your area.  Contact them to give news about their Survivor and encourage them.  Email hope@ahi-il.org or call 717-542-8810 for more information.

Translators: Russian/English, Hebrew/English

Needed in Israel

May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Needed for translation by email

  • Russian/English
  • Hungarian/English

Volunteers throughout the Year

Handy People for renovations

Crafty People to make new Heirlooms

Compassionate People to visit Survivors

Techy People to help with computer work

Energetic People for everything else in Israel!


Contact us at hope@ahi-il.org  for more information

You can apply online by filling out a volunteer application or call either 1-717-542-8810 or 1-717-557-5775 (USA)