Hands Off!

For the last two days, in Akko and then Migdal ha Emek, we have been blessed to host a group of volunteers testing for and giving away eyeglasses.  I had no idea how involved it could be to give away glasses.

Very organized, this group registered the Survivor on arrival, tested their eyes, gave them a card which they took to the distribution station.  Choosing their glasses according to their numbers and sunglasses as well.  Plus they were offered books in Russian.  All for free!

Some of them kept asking how much, how many shekels; or they got out their insurance cards…

We said, “Ma-tah-nah!” “Pa-darr-ick!”  Gift, free!  Their eyes would go wide, a big grin, “Da?”  Yes?  Yes!!  They left very happy carrying their glasses, special cleaning cloths and books.

In Akko we served 75 and in Migdal ha Emek we saw 38.  All happy Survivors by the end of the day.

In addition to the Eyeglass Clinic personnel, we had eight volunteers in Akko and three in Migdal ha Emek.  Without them we could not have done it.  We are very grateful for their assistance.  They were phenomenal!

I had a new experience in this endeavor.  Every time we do a service project for the Survivors I am one of the Volunteers.  But this time I discovered I was not needed.  What?  Wait… aren’t I supposed to be working too?  But there really was nothing for me to do.  So, I fetched coffee and tea, then tried to stay out of the way!

Isn’t it amazing that God would bring the volunteers together so they worked perfectly in sync?  I became an observer instead.

When I managed movie theatres and then worked in the corporate end of the business, I often was an observer.  After having trained everyone and given instructions, I could stand back and observe them working like a well-oiled machine.  I was available if anything was needed and it felt good.

But this was not something I expected here, in this work in Israel.  I should have.  It is the same type of management, the position of planning and preparing- why did I think I would remain in the midst of the event?

Once I realized I felt superflouous, it was a nice feeling.  God put it all together, He chose those who came to volunteer and He let me stand back to see what He could do.  Yup.  Observe.

Too many times we are so busy being in the midst and doing we forget we didn’t do it- He did.  Abba Father did it.  Sometimes we need to have our hands in there but sometimes He just wants us to watch Him work.

Practicing the hands-off approach…



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