Soil Getting Low?

This evening when texting with a friend when she mentioned how glad she was that God allowed her to be useful in the US when she was originally from Trinidad.

My comment in return was how God has a tendency to transplant us from our original location into new soil.

Isn’t that the truth?!  I myself am American but have been following His call to bless Holocaust Survivors in Israel.  I was not happy about the move- in fact I was mad about it!  But God knew the soil here was just right for my kind of planting.

After making the comment I started thinking about the soil.  A friend of mine here who grew up on a kibbutz knows a lot about plants.  One day when he was in our garden I asked him about the one palm tree we have in a very large pot and was not doing well.  His advice was to put more soil around it.  It was then I noticed how low it was compared to what it used to be.  As the soil was watered, and used by the plant, it diminished and was no longer enough to give the plant stability and nutrients.

Aren’t we like that?  If we do not surround ourselves with enough people who love God, and us, and will pray for and encourage us, we are lacking in support and nutrients!

A few months ago I felt I was missing something but did not really know what it was.  But God knew.  He began bringing others around me who encouraged me, held up my arms in this work, prayed for AHI and wisdom, and I found myself surrounded by new people who all had the same goals- praise HaShem and give Him all the Glory!

I realized today I have new soil filled with nutrients around me. I feel more stable and stronger.

God bless all the new Friends, new Prayer Warriors, new Board Members, new Volunteers, new Supporters, new Staff… To God be the Glory!

Blooming where I am planted- in Israel…


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