Their War Experiences

Survivor Experiences

These are true personal accounts of strength, courage, persistence and faith.

“… when they cried out to you again, you heard them from heaven, and in your compassion you delivered them…” Nehemiah 9:28

Never Forget imageTry to imagine at the age of eight, sleeping in the forest under the snow next to a pile of coal to keep warm; or five, hiding in a closet while your mother distracted the guard and was shot; ten years old, lying under a heap of dead bodies for three days, trapped by their weight, watching your mother and sister die; On your 25th birthday, standing in water freezing around your feet, holding your two babies, waiting to be executed…

These are their personal war experiences. Here is stark truth of the Second World War, a time referred to as the Holocaust. These are true-life accounts of strength, courage, persistence and faith. These life histories are told at their own request:

“Tell them! Don’t let anyone forget what happened. They need to remember and make sure it doesn’t happen again!”

The index will guide you through the personal experiences of a few Holocaust Survivors, a tiny sample of the attempted obliteration of the Jewish people. But God has preserved their lives, though at a cost…

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