To My Fellow Holocaust Survivor Adopters…

By Hannah Kaiser

I am writing to inspire you to write to your survivors on a regular basis.

South Africa (Small)Having returned home to South Africa from visiting our Holocaust friends in Israel, I can truly say that writing to these dear people, and seeing their responses to our letters  was  the most wonderful experience and worthwhile reward I have received in a long time.

Usually their first impulse after receiving a hug and a kiss, was running off to collect all the letters and cards they have received, whilst speaking and smiling without stopping!  Showing you all the letters and cards with great excitement, informing you that they have been praying for your children and also enquiring after the family members of the one who writes… Now this is super special.

“We feel as if we have known you for a long time,”  is just one response from a Survivor’s family member, who in many instances also read the letters. This is heart-warming and a sure sign that you have made them a part of your family and life.

We keep the letters short and to the point, usually three/four short paragraphs, amounting to about 250-300 words.  It is good if we write our letters as a sequel / follow-up to a situation previously shared with them, so as to keep them in the picture at all times.  Above all, we endeavor to give the Lord the glory when we can in a simple and unobtrusive way.

My heart overflows knowing that they appreciate being part of our family and whatever goes on in our lives. What makes it even more rewarding is; knowing that they appreciate our efforts and are always looking forward to the next bit of “family news”.

Keep up the good work of writing to your Survivor!!

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