A Letter From a Guest

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to take just a few moments to discuss my recent stay at the Abundant Hope International (AHI) house located in Akko, Israel just north of Beit Shalom 7 (Custom)Haifa.

I traveled to Israel in January 2016 and spent a month there.  One of the locations that I stayed at was the AHI house.  I spent 2 weeks at Beit Shalom located in Akko.  The house is clean, quiet, and has all the comforts of being home while also providing a Godly atmosphere and a perfect prayer environment.

The AHI house is located in a safe, clean neighborhood in central Akko.  Shopping, parks and public transportation are all within walking distance and you are just a few minutes’ walk from the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea and a quick drive to historic Old City of Acre.

The hostess and house manager, Susan Heagy, is wonderful and can help you find your way all around northern Israel.

I would highly recommend a stay at Beit Shalom while visiting Israel.

Sincerely,      S.

Editor’s Note:  Beit Shalom is open to Guests and Volunteers.  From here we send out those seeking to help the Holocaust Survivors, as well as bring those same Survivors into our home for teas, Sukkot BBQ and offer our garden for their rest.  You are welcome too!

However, Beit Shalom is up for sale.  We have five months left on our contract.  It is hard to imagine any house to be more perfect.    Our neighborhood is quiet with other villas similar to ours.  AND the Survivors now know where we are; many are close enough they can walk to our home and look forward to events like Sukkot BBQ, afternoon teas and concerts.  We have established a presence among them and they are happy to see us!

Beit Shalom on Ha’Ela 2, Akko:

  • Five-ten minute walk to many Survivors.
  • Five minute walk to the grocery store,, shops and music conservatory.
  • Three minute walk to get the best pizza in Akko!
  • Ten minute walk to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Twenty minute walk to the train and bus stations.
  • Twenty minute walk to the Akko Mall.
  • Thirty minute walk to Old Acre.
  • Driving- all of these locations above are just a few minutes.
  • Driving- we are within one hour or less to Megiddo/Jezreel Valley, Rosh haNikra, Casaerea, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee/Tiberias, Tzfat and so much more!

If we cannot purchase this house we will lose all that has been established here.  Rentals are difficult to find in Akko, especially any with this kind of location.

Please consider investing in this house to continue this vital work with the Survivors.  Our time to purchase the house is short, just like the time left to be with the Survivors before they are all gone as well.

Contact us for more information on how you can invest in this property in Israel.  Help us to continue this important work with the Holocaust Survivors in Israel.


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