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“Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.” Psalms 63:7

under his wings (Small)

When was the last time you sang as trouble overcame you?  In times when darkness creeps in and a cloud of heaviness settles around- in your house, in your chest, taking residence in your soul- have you thought of singing?

It would be a rare thing when weighed down with sadness, to open your mouth and break into song.  You don’t feel like it; your circumstances don’t warrant chirping like a happy bird; there are not even notes to force out from your throat.

But God says… sing in the shadow of His wings.  Under His protection we can make music even in the gloom, darkness and despair.  Because He said it, it is so.

If the world seems to be ending all around you and you see no hope, look up.  If you are standing in the shadow of God’s Protection, you have the right and ability to start singing.  And when you do, no cloud of doom can resist the glorious sonshine that will flow over you.   Go on, it’s time to sing!

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