Where Did the Time Go??

Shalom to everyone!

My apologies for it being so long since I wrote.  Traveling, speaking, writing, working… you know, the same for everyone- lots of things to do!

Currently I am in San Antonio, TX after traveling quite a bit.  It was great to spend time in England, Scotland, Holland then back to the USA.  Once I arrived on the east coast I spent the holidays with my family and headed west!

A couple weeks in the Smokey Mountains to write and collaborate with my artist friend on a book.  Then I headed to Columbia, TN to consult with someone with administrative abilities to  discuss the structure and future of AHI.  Our AHI Board and I have always believed in Proverbs 11:14, 15:22 and 19:20.  Seeking outside advice concerning structure and preparing for the future is always good business to assure correct direction.

The results of that consultation were right along the path laid out many years before!  It has always been the plan of AHI to train the citizens of Israel to take on the main work begun by AHI.  This will be accomplished through our new Israeli amuta (non-profit), “Justice for Generations.”  We will continue to partner with them and share the responsibilities,  but we are excited to see the culmination of years of prayer, passion  and preparation.

God gave confirmation when at the same time the request came from Israel to begin the process of changeover and allow the amuta to take on some of these responsibilities.  We are in that process now!

Changes always bring, well, change!  Some responsibilities have switched hands and new people are coming into the staffing of AHI.  Some are continuing with changes in their current position and some are moving on to other tasks God provides.

I am personally excited to see what God is doing.  It is a big answer to years of prayer!   However, as with any shifting of positions in any organization, it will take patience on the part of everyone.  I believe God is big enough to help us all in this process.

We appreciate your prayers and especially your assistance!  As new openings are published, I hope you will consider coming on board with AHI!  Many of these tasks do not require you to leave your home and are only a few hours a week.  Come join us in making a difference in the lives of Holocaust Survivors in Israel!  You can always reach me through the contact page on this website.

Going back to work; my computer is calling me…

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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