Did you know…

3rd Reich in ruins (Small)…during WWII, Hitler’s Nazis murdered their own people in addition to the intended victims: various people groups and cultures? The numbers are staggering.

  • 6 million+ Jews
  • 10 million+ Slavic peoples
  • 250,000 Gypsies
  • 250,000 homosexuals
  • 100,000+ handicapped
  • 4-5 million civilians of Germany and conquered countries, killed by the brutal tactics of reprisals against anyone opposing Hitler or helping the Jews.

More than 20 million innocent lives were targeted and snuffed out.  This number does not include the millions of military and civilians killed on both sides of those fighting the war.

The war was in the name of “power”, in hopes to make a superhuman race, the goal of one country dominating all other people groups and regions.  The planned Thousand Year Reign of the Nazi Regime lasted only 12 years.  Unfortunately, in that short time they managed to change the lives of most of the world forever.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”

                                                                          -1st Baron John Dalbert-Acton

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