Will My Survivor Write Back to Me?

old hands with a letter (Small)Writing to a Holocaust Survivor is your opportunity to bless someone who has so much trauma in their past it has stayed with them through their entire lives.  They are lonely and sad.  Your letters telling of your family, vacation, kids and pets give them a small window into life outside of their world.

Because of the trauma, they often feel unsure and do not believe anyone would want to hear from them.  Also, because they are elderly their eyesight is bad and their hands are arthritic.  Therefore they do not write much anymore.

We do encourage them to write through us; we offer to write a note for them but they often then feel bad that they are not the one doing the writing and decline.

We hope in the near future to instead do mini-videos, only a minute or so in length, that we can send to those with email or computer access.

Adopting a Survivor is an amazing experience, even if they do not return your notes!  Pray for them and keep writing. You are blessing them and bringing them joy!

Questions?  Nancy Kurtz adopt@ahi-il.org or call 717-592-0859

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