They Survived the Holocaust…

This section features the true experiences of Holocaust Survivors we see and visit today.  This is to fulfill their requests,

“Remember us!  Tell others of our experiences so we are not forgotten!”

This month we are featuring several Survivors who are not yet adopted.  They have not shared much of their past but have asked us eagerly if someone could write to them.  These are only a few who are asking and waiting…


Susan with Israel Ertz (Small)The war started when Israel was 17 yrs old. He was put in a ghetto.  Shortly after that he was one of 250 men chosen for a work detail. Not knowing if they would go to work or be shot, when they got to a forest, 120 of them escaped into the woods.  He was separated from the others and was hiding for two weeks.  A Russian man helped him escape and return to Lithuania.  He joined the Russian army to fight the Nazis.  His sister and brother died in the ghetto.



Dashbaski Yivsey cropped (Small)He is from the Ukraine and is a survivor of the Stalingrad Siege.  He has a son in Germany and a daughter in Israel.  He has said he very much wants someone to write to him.







Kogan, Izhak (Small)Though he has a great sense of humor, life is very hard for him now.  He has lost his sight.  Formerly active and enjoying visits, now he often cries. In this picture he had just received a new coat similar to the IDF made available to AHI through other organizations.

Izhak speaks both Russian and Lithuanian and we will gladly translate letters to him.  He is anxiously waiting for someone to write.  His caretaker can read it to him.





Leonid & Ludmilla

Goldenberg Leonid and Ludmila (Small)Leonid is from Ukraine and Ludmilla from Russia.  Leonid was one year old when his parents were forced to flee and became refugees.  They both worked in a factory together making engines for ships before coming to Israel in 1990.



 To adopt a Survivor contact Nancy Kurtz at 717-592-0859 or email for an application.  



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