“Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”

Great-Grandma cover (Small)In January 2004 I arrived in Israel.  Within six months I had given my heart to the Holocaust Survivors in Israel.  I was forever changed.  After meeting

the Survivors I longed to write books about them, recording their words, remembering what they said to me.  Though I shared their stories everywhere I spoke, I wanted to put them in written form so they would not be forgotten; that my words would be added to their own as witness to what I have heard and known.

Many of you have been asking me for years, “When will I write a book?”  Well, I have!  It is named “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”

Through a fictional family, the storyline incorporates true experiences from real-life Survivors.  Great-Grandma’s war accounts are for youth up through adults.  I have written it with truth, but without the trauma normally associated with books on this subject.

As I travel and speak I have discovered several things:

  1. Young people around the world do not know what the Holocaust is.
  2. When I mention the Holocaust to people everywhere and every age, they ask me if the Holocaust is a new video, a new movie or a new musical group…
  3. Adults of every age tell me they know nothing about the Holocaust because they cannot bear reading of the trauma; they are afraid of what they might read.
  4. What you read in the history books is only a fraction of the truth.

The sales of “Why is Great-Grandma so sad?” will benefit AHI and the Survivors.

We need your help and now it is up to you!

Please go to Amazon and purchase this book!  Go to the main page and use the keywords “great-grandma” or “Susan Heagy”  On the page to purchase there is more information and some editorials by people whose names you may recognize!

  • Please tell your friends so they can buy it too!
  • Write a review on the book on Amazon.
  • It is a good gift for Christmas or Hanukkah: donate it to your school or church library; you can buy it for yourself!
  • Talk about it on Facebook, Twitter and Tweet and any social media available!
  • Help us educate many more people and bring truth of the Holocaust to the world.

Please help us get this book sold!  More sales, more $$ for the Survivor work in Israel!

This “Great-Grandma” book has been beautifully illustrated by the artist Emunah, and published for all of you.  Help us make it successful!


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