We Found Our Prayer Coordinator!

God's provision 2 (Small)Have you ever felt like something you were looking for was right under your nose?  It happened to us, too!

Recently we announced Diana as a new assistant for us with data entry.  We had overlooked the obvious but now, she got bumped up!

Please welcome Diana as the new Prayer Warrior Coordinator!  She will now distribute our prayer requests to the Warriors in the AHI War Room.

We are most pleased to have 9 ‘Battalions’ or Prayer Teams signed into our War Room plus several individual Prayer Warriors.  It is awesome to see everyone coming together and praying for the needs of AHI, the Survivors, Israel and her needs and everyone involved with our organization.  They will receive at least one prayer listing and encouragements a week, and AHI will make sure they have the latest information to stay current on their prayer assignments.

If you as an individual, or a prayer team, are interested in joining us in our War Room, email Diana at ahiprayer@ahi-il.org or call 210-362-6500 to receive your registration page. We look forward to entering the Throne Room together!

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