Whose Agenda?

John Stein and Mariya Antonova  (Small)Volunteers come to AHI from all over the world.  No matter what country, there is always one thing that must happen: we all need to work together and in unity.

Think about it… a wonderful mix of people from around the globe, coming together to help Survivors who are also from various countries. This means a variety of cultures, habits and methods from volunteers helping all different cultures of Survivors.  Not an easy task…

So, whose agenda do we follow? The AHI staff or that of volunteers?  With all the volunteers who arrive with a true desire to help, how do you take their ideas, strong desire to go forward, and mesh it all for a successful outcome?   Though volunteers often bring ideas we consider, it is important that each volunteer arrives ready to follow the direction and experience of the AHI Administrators and Staff.  They know things the volunteer does not.

The Holocaust Survivors are not a project or work experience; they are real people who have deep feelings with a fragile spirit.  We are there to give them honor and unconditional love.  Following directions prevents harm to them.

We greatly appreciate the excitement and heart the Volunteers bring.  Without them AHI would not be able to visit so many of the Survivors.  Hugs and feeling of family are important values brought by the Volunteer who works with our staff.

So, how can a Volunteer prepare to offer their assistance?  Prayer and an attitude of humility will help form the unity that is needed.  Be ready to follow the lead of the Administrators.  You, as a Volunteer, can make a positive difference through cooperation– and be invited back again!

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