Can Loving Survivors REALLY Make a Difference?

Heart (Small)Can loving Survivors REALLY make a difference?  A good question!  Here also are some other questions we’ve been asked:

“These people are old and will die soon.  Why are you bothering?”

“Why aren’t you helping other people who have more life to live?”

“What you are doing with the Survivors will not make any difference. Don’t you think you are wasting your time?!”

The simple answer will continue to be a resounding “YES, we do make a difference!” It happens because we work together and they are heavy on God’s Heart.

AHI appreciates the volunteers, our Board, pray-ers, the crafters, adopters who bring compassion and love to the Survivors and all the donors who support every touch– people AHI logo 2014 (Small)from around the world.

   Tzedek Le Dorot (Justice For Generations), our non-profit in Israel, is working side by side with, and supported by, AHI to “make a difference” for the Shoah Survivors.  Israeli citizens are teaming up with volunteers and staff.  Besides structure and staffing, something new:

Donations can now be wired directly to Israel from anywhere  in the world; please email after sending a wire so we can verify it for you.

SWFT code: POALILIT 228743 for Tzedek Le Dorot 

You can also donate to AHI, or for the amutah, through our website using bank or credit card as a safe online option.  Wires can also be sent to AHI; just ask for our SWFT code.  See Page 4 for post options.

Thank you for your support!  Together we DO make a difference!

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