Beit Shalom is For Sale

This is a tale told before where the house of Beit Shalom is up for sale, we began the process to purchase and then it was removed from the market.  This July marks three years since we moved from that house into the current home.  It is in such a good location, it has to be God ordained!  We can walk out our front door right to the homes of the Survivors on the next street and more.  It is perfect lodging for Volunteers to stay and go visiting.

In the last two years a saga of sorts has occurred at Beit Shalom.  The house was originally owned by a woman named Esther.  When she died her three brothers inherited the house.  It was then we rented and the oldest brother, David, was our active landlord.  Less than two years ago he died.  The second brother, Aaron, took over the position and in six months he died.  Now the last brother, Meir, and Aaron’s widow took over and are ready to sell the house.

We do not yet know the price but similar homes in the area are $500,000 or above.  The cost of living in Israel has increased each year in anticipation of a mass Aliyah from North America; housing costs too.  We have spoken with the owners and they will have an appraisal done soon.  Stay tuned!

We have been preparing to increase use of the house for the Survivors by making repairsJuha & Tarja (Small) and some renovations.  In the last month a wonderful  couple from Finland, Juha and Tarja, our current House Managers, replanted and improved our garden.

They have now been joined by Michael and McKenna of Kansas, USA, upcoming managers through August.

M & M (Small)

[ You can see more of the garden at Beit Shalom and  learn of future plans for it on Susan’s Blog]


“NOW is the TIME” is what we hear the Lord saying.  NOW is the time to increase our visits, give more blessings, pour out increased love and fill them with compassion.  But we need to establish, once and for all, a permanent place to continue this work.

“NOW is the time!”  Can you please pray with us for God’s purchase of this home?  We need a stable place to bring Volunteers and Holocaust Survivors.  Contact us, or call 717-542-8810 or 717-557-5775 if you or someone you know would like to invest in Israel!

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