When God is In the Details!

You did it!  You came through and did it!!

In January of this year our van was totaled by the insurance company after the right front wheel snapped.  Within a few weeks the insurance company refused to pay the policy.  Immediately following the country was locked down due to the virus.  We now had no car, no money and had to wait for the courts to reopen to counter their claims.

From January until June Susan learned to use the bus system and walked many miles for errands, shopping and especially to continue visiting and serving the Survivors.  This caused difficulties for delivering needs and we paid taxis for doctor and hospital visits.

The board of AHI decided to launch a fundraiser to purchase another car.  The cost of vehicles in Israel is high but we would see how much was donated.

While funding began to come in, we were praying and looking for a car.  This is what we found:

  • 2013 Citroen Elysee
  • One owner, regular servicing
  • 63,000 kilometers
  • Car computer showed avg speed 32 kph/hr
  • Perfect condition except for one scrape on the door
  • BIG trunk which we needed for a wheelchair

The cost was 8,000 nis more than we planned on, plus 5000 nis for insurance, title transfer, etc.  Estimated total need was 33,000 nis.  Big money to us.  Trusting the funds would come in, by faith, we notified the owner we would make the purchase.

But we have a Big God and know people who care.  The day of payment arrived and the last of the needed cost was given.  Donations the equivalent of 33,500 nis came in from people in countries around the world, “to purchase and help cover insurance and gas too.”

Our God is so awesome and we give Him thanks!  But we also thank those who care about our work enough to bless the Survivors.  We are back in the business of rides to doctors, delivering flowers, challa, dinners, letters, supplying needs and occasional visits within the Covid-19 guidelines.

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude!  Thank you!!


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