Adopter’s Corner

Congratulations to our newest Adopters who recently began writing to Survivors!  You are changing lives with your love, prayers and communications.

As always, writing by email is the fastest, least expensive way and guaranteed to arrive.  You can use:

For all of you who are writing letters or sending packages by post:

  • do not include your address on the letter itself.  We do not give the Survivors your address. We are the mailbox for each of you so we can translate and track your letters to guarantee delivery.  It is also less confusing for the Survivor.
  • if your envelope and letter match, may we suggest putting the matching set inside another envelope to send it?  It is a nice touch to see them together.  We do not give them the original envelope from the post and the matching set is great.
  • Allow at least two months for your cards, letters or packages to arrive in time for a birthday.  Mail is super slow with the virus rules!  Plus we need about 10 extra days for translation before delivery.

Thanks for blessing your Survivors.  They love getting your letters, cards and pictures!

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