Sukkot for Survivors in a Pandemic

Sukkot, the Feast of Booths.  Every year we did a Texas BBQ for them in our back yard.  Last year, no longer having a backyard, we had our night of fun in a restaurant. Our party was attended by almost 200 people.

This year Sukkot is the first week in October. But faced with lockdown during the holidays, no crowds will be allowed plus rules due to the Coronavirus.  We had to find a creative way to give the Survivors a special Sukkot.

Working with a local kosher bakery, Moti’s Cafe, we will give them each vouchers.  Anytime during the week of Sukkot they can go to the bakery, sit outside with coffee or tea and the bakery items of their choice.  We will also have a special gift from the bakery for them to take home.  This answers the problem of no crowds and fits their own schedule.

We are excited to partner with Moti’s Cafe!

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