“What Was, And Is, and Yet to Come”

“What Was…”

January 2004 was when I first came to Israel and began visiting Holocaust Survivors.  I arrived with little to no knowledge of Israel, the Jewish people or the Holocaust. I was not unusual in that regard as the majority of non-Jews have a lack of knowledge in this area.  But God said for me to come, and I did.  I came and following His instructions I began visiting Holocaust Survivors.

For the last 15 years I have lived in Israel, traveled to other countries to share about Israel and the Survivors, returning to Israel on various visas to continue our work.  We formed a non-profit in the USA (Abundant Hope International) and also in Israel (Abundant Hope Israel).

We have been blessed with volunteers who come to help bless the Survivors, our Adopt a Survivor Program was started and keeps growing and we are involved with many Survivors on a personal level.  Whenever requested I travel to various countries to speak and share about Israel and the Holocaust.

God was pleased with our work and inspired a book, “Why is Great Grandma So Sad?” designed to educate about the Holocaust experiences for children or anyone who cannot handle reading about trauma.  The sales of this book, 100%, support the Holocaust Survivors.  Available on Amazon or contact us on our web page.

Our dedication and compassion continues to touch hundreds of Holocaust Survivors every day.  They recognize the unconditional love of HaShem in our touch and assistance.

What was in the beginning, continues.  We adjust our help as their circumstances change and they age into new and more extensive needs.  With each new difficulty we reach out to others with wisdom how to proceed.  This work is straight forward, but not easy.  The most difficult being the loss of each Survivor who has become our friend.  Whether it is death or Alzheimer’s, it hurts.  But we are still blessed to be the hands and feet of Adonai.

Please consider supporting this work as we have only a short window of time.  Soon it will be too late and God’s special Survivors of the horrific Holocaust will be gone.  Please stand with us, take the hand of a Holocaust Survivor, before your opportunity disappears.

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