“…And Is…”

Here is a sampling of what began from the beginning in 2004 and continues on through today.  Keep in mind, there is more than you see here…

Visiting Holocaust Survivors

Whether we are delivering birthday flowers, Heirloom Quilts, letters from Adopters, bottled water or giving hugs or transportation to doctor appointments, volunteers are needed to join us. Come! Meeting Holocaust Survivors will change your life- and you will change theirs.


Beit Shalom, our house in Akko providing lodging for Volunteers, Guests and Survivor events, has been a great location.  We expected to stay and and began campaigning to purchase that house, but God had another idea.  With a one week notice to find another house and 30 days to move, we relocated. In September 2018 we moved to Shaldag 18, Akko. Our activities with the Survivors have continued. The new Beit Shalom has room for guests and volunteers and we invite you to come!

Voluntouring with AHI

Every year we have volunteers who come to Israel to visit, assist and bless Holocaust Survivors.  But no one should come to Israel without also seeing the land of the Bible.  Therefore we make sure Volunteers visit Holocaust Survivors and see the rest of Israel.  Old Acre, Tel Megiddo, Elijah-Mt. Carmel, Tel Dan, Golan Heights, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, etc.  Come and join us!


When we visit Holocaust Survivors who speak Russian or Hebrew, we can display our love through hugs.  But if we want to converse with them, we need a translator.  AHI has several translators so our visits are warm and productive.

Adopt A Survivor Program

An important and productive part of AHI is our Adopt a Survivor Program.  Each Survivor who is adopted receives letters from their Adopter, holiday and birthday cards and prayer.  The one adopting becomes the family for the Survivor!  In 15 years we have seen some amazing connections, especially when the Adopter comes to meet their Survivor.  What joy!

Music and Special Events

An electric piano and guitar have been donated so musicians are able to come and perform music for the Survivors.  We do have concerts, usually in hostels, but we also bring musicians into the homes of those who are home bound.  They never have an opportunity to enjoy live music anymore, so we bring it to them!  We appreciate volunteers who can bring their musical talent as well.

Survivor Survival Packs

Survival Packs for Survivors are to provide relief and actual assistance in the case the building of Holocaust Survivors are bombed.  It is a very real possibility and the majority of them have no bomb shelter.  Therefore we want to provide an emergency kit.  We have a donation for 100 kits and will now move forward to prepare and distribute them.  It is am important project.  Are you willing to be involved?

Long & Short Term Volunteer opportunities

How long can a volunteer give to AHI?  First comes the application.  Once accepted and the time is approved. then one week up to three months for short term.  If it is feasible, a volunteer can come for one year, renewable for a second year.

Investing in Israel and AHI

“Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm 127:1

Beit Shalom has moved to a new house (“Unexpected!”).  We are renting now but it is for sale.  We would like to purchase this house and have six months left.  Or to find and purchase another house.  We need your help.  Renting is expensive and we would like to be in a stable property.  You can invest in AHI, in the Survivors, and your donation is tax deductible.  Or, if you would like to purchase a property, we would be happy to rent from you.  Please consider helping AHI in our work for the Survivors.

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