Volunteer Opportunities Throughout the Year

VolunteersignSmall_133953If you want to come to Israel, volunteer and bless Holocaust Survivors, this is the place!  Contact us to discover where and when you can join AHI!

House Manager at Beit Shalom in Israel 2016:

Most of 2016 is open for either managr or co-manager.

Volunteers throughout the Year

Contact us at hope@ahi-il.org  for more information.  Volunteer times are one week up to three months duration.

2015 Open: Nov 17-30, Dec 10-31

2016 Now accepting applications for both Beit Shalom managers and Volunteers.

Some dates in February, March and May are already full but there are still times open!  Contact us soon!

You can apply online by filling out a volunteer application.  Just click here to apply or call 1-717-557-5775 (USA)

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