Volunteer Openings

VolunteersignSmall_133953Interested to Volunteer with AHI and work with the Survivors?     Contact us for needed times and date availability!

AHI application required for all positions.      Contact us now to learn the requirements, depending on your available length of time.

In Israel– Up to 3 months, no visa required. One year, visa process required.

  • Russian Translator needed September-December, 2016
  • Two translators (1+ Russian)  needed beginning January 2017
  • Volunteer Leader in Israel

Volunteer Position requiring proficiency in computer: Microsoft office products and Word Press plus some social media; 5-10 hours / week                   

Email: volunteer@ahi-il.org or  susanh@ahi-il.org

Phone: USA      717-557-5775                                              Israel   +972-54-8100-441

Get the Volunteer Application here

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