They Survived the Holocaust…

This section features the true experiences of Holocaust Survivors we see and visit today.  This is to fulfill their requests,

“Remember us!  Tell others of our experiences so we are not forgotten!”

~ So Many, So Quickly, Fading Away ~Alexie and Zina Magrach (Small)

Listed here will be several Survivors whose lives are changing quickly; some leaving us and some lingering with life circumstances determining their future

Alexy and Zinaida.   Alexy lived through the Leningrad Siege.  A terrible time of not Nazi occupation, but of blockade.  No food, medicine, escape- nothing to do but fight as they were trapped in the city for 2 1/2 years.  Death was rampant and cannabalism set in.  A terrible time.

Alexy and Zina have been struggling with health issues and poverty for a long time but their health now begins to fail.  Alexy just had a mini-stroke and is still in the hospital.  Zina was also in the hospital, fighting cancer, but has returned home.  She is fearful to be alone in their apartment.  Our volunteers are checking on her.

Raisa and Semion.   In the ghetto, not able to even live in a house due to crowding, theyKlozman Semeon Raisa2 (Small) lived on the street.  They have been living in a very old apartment and AHI along with German volunteers built a shower for them.

Semion is currently in the hospital with kidney failure of one and the other currently is working.  He is too frail for dialysis and the prognosis is unsure.  Raisa could not go home alone and is currently living with their daughter.  For the first time Raisa is not smiling.  She and Semion have been with each other for 70 years and now she is without him and facing possible permanent separation.

But here is a situation that is becoming more common- her daughter is 70 and cannot handle their care.  Since the Survivors are living so long, their children often cannot give them care.

Michael.schusterman Michail (Small)

Michael was adopted and loved.  He was moved to a facility to care for him, then passed away in July of this year.

Survivors of Akko asked to attend his funeral and AHI paid for taxi service to take them.  Our volunteer, Elena, went along to give them support.



A special man with a sense of humor and quick smile.  His daughter was always grateful Abraham and David Bramgeev with visitors (Small)for our visits.  During his last pedicure by our volunteer he fell asleep.

His wife died about four years ago and he lost a bit of light when she was gone.

When we visited to play piano for him, he cried at the beautiful music.  We held him and he just cried. His heart was obviously touched and he felt the love of our volunteers and of HaShem.  David died a few weeks later.


Married to Tusia and they both lived with their daughter.  Alexander has lived a long life in spite of his traumatic beginnings.  His ending years were not kind as he was in a Nashpiz Alexander and Tusya and their daughter (Small)wheelchair, blind and deaf, living captive in his own world.  We visited and brought him hugs, touch and love.  Birthday flowers he could smell, but was unaware of most other activities around him.

Alexander died a few days ago and Tusia is distraught.  Another rude interruption in her life.  Sad, but a release for a man who suffered daily; now in the arms of HaShem.

Please remember these precious people as they suffer the indignities of the elderly.  Pray for them and their families.   They are dying every 30 minutes.

“Remember Us!” they ask.  Will you?

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