Did You Know…?

…Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, has recognized Gentiles who hid Jews during WWII as Righteous Among the Nations?

jews hiding (Small)1,755 Ukrainians, of present-day post-Communist Ukraine, are recognized for risking their own lives to save those of Jews in the war.

In Kiev, a Russian Orthodox priest named Aleksey Glagolyev  saved five Jews by hiding them in his home.

In a village, Yaruga, Fedor Kryzhevsky was appointed by the Germans as the village elder.  But he secretly organized local resistance.  He saved 400 Jewish families plus other Jews hiding in the area, by hiding them with his Ukrainian neighbors.  He also persuaded the local German leader to keep some Jews living openly as specialists in making wine.

Polish house burned for hiding Jews (Small)Many others who hid Jews were then betrayed by their neighbors and killed for their compassion shown to the Jews.

-”The Righteous”  By Martin Gilbert


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