A USA Team Meets Holocaust Survivors

Almost every year Martha brings a team to meet Survivors with AHI and learn about Israel.  This year she brought four ladies with her.  Here are their highlight comments:

Martha – “Highlights on this trip included visiting Or ha Carmel Congregation and sharing heart to heart with some of the Survivors.  The Ghetto Fighter’s Museum was very meaningful also.   I look forward to returning again.”

Sarah – “There were so many beautiful moments during our time here.  Of course, the Holocaust Survivors are a highlight for me.  I loved meeting them and spend precious time learning more about them.  I will never forget their faces, their warm embraces and beautiful smiles.  I especially enjoyed my time with a man named Natan, a precious man who was adopted as a Survivor [through the AHI program] by a friend of mine. ”

Janice – “I enjoyed learning more about AHI, meeting the Survivors and hearing their experiences…”





Jennifer – “What a life changing experience to see Israel through the eyes of the Holocaust Survivors!  Each of them shared different life stories of how they emerged victors, but to everyone their place of rest was Israel…

Some of them acknowledged God’s protective hand on their lives while others felt abandoned by their God.

“But ‘the land of Israel’ gave ALL of them renewed hope so they began new lives.  God promised this land to His Chosen People and to each of them they felt they arrived home when they touched Israel’s coastline.

“God will continue to protect his people and His land.  What a special opportunity to be able to be a part of this small piece of history.  Shalom.”

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