Izhak and his wife Fanny came to Israel in 1974.  Born in 1941, he was among those who were refugees and evacuees.  They lost both home and family in the war but he was not directly in harm’s way.

Izhak speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew, English and Hungarian.  He and his wife have a daughter and grandchildren here in Israel but lost their son at a young age in an accident.  The two of them are social, sweet and love to visit with our guests and volunteers.

Recently after translating for some team members visiting Survivors, we gave him a small gift as a thank you.  He turned and said, “I do not need a gift.  I consider myself a volunteer just like the rest of you.  I like meeting everyone.  It is a privilege for me to do this for you.”

We thank God for Izhak and his heart, his willingness, to help us visit the other Holocaust Survivors.  It is always amazing who it is God brings forward to accomplish His Purpose of relieving their loneliness!

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