Beit Shalom

This is the time of year when Beit Shalom is FULL for weeks!  We have active people coming and going,

An American volunteering for two months arrived in January.

February our good friend Brecht from The Netherlands returned to spend time with the Survivors speaking Yiddish.

Martha brought a team of ladies to volunteer for five days.

Oeds & Richt have returned from The Netherlands.  Richt is already doing medical pedicures for Survivors.  Oeds immediately got into renovation mode!


In March we have a team of six led by Walter.  One of the volunteers is David McClintock, Minstrel & Concert Pianist.  We will be presenting concerts in cities all over Israel as well as private concerts in homes of those Survivors who cannot leave.

Immediately followng that team’s departure we have a return visit from Bryon with a team from Kentucky.

Following that is a visit from Susan’s son-in-law Steve and grandson Matthew.

Each morning begins with prayer together to discover what is on God’s heart this day!  Following are final instructions for our day’s activities.

In between the lines consider the visiting, advocacy, normal activities of caring for a house and property, errands, office work, meetings, visas, and every day living.  And somewhere in there we try to get some sleep!

Keep praying for our contract situation as it will come up for negotiation again the end of this month.  God knows our future for housing, and everything else as well.  We wait on Him!

Consider coming to Israel and spending time with us here in Akko.  Beit Shalom is a great place to stay and hear what God is saying to YOU!

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