Traveling… again

Time seems to pass so quickly as I travel from one city to another, crossing state lines, with short visits in some areas and lingering in others.

In the past weeks I have been privileged to stay in Memphis with Susan and meet many new people, speak in public schools, congregations and churches.  I was blessed by several open houses and dinners, those who are fairly new to me but I can now call friends.  Shabbat I attended Brit Hadasha and found like-minded folks who understand and support Israel and her Survivors.

From Memphis to the top of the Smokey Mountains, I enjoyed a few days with a special friend who is an artist.  Her latest work has left me in awe of what God does through the talent of others.

I had a new experience for Rosh HaShana, being able to attend the service at Shomair Yishrael with Rabbi Michael Weiner.  They graciously allowed me to present our love for the Survivors of Israel and unanimously expressed their support for them.

From there into Kentucky to see friends and bring the accounts and words of the Survivors to terrific private schools there.

As I began my return trip toward Texas I had the wonderful experience of seeing how God’s timing is evident.  I received a text suggesting I try to meet a rabbi near Nashville for the day, if possible.  I called him and found we were only three exits apart on the same highway!  He was going north while I was going south.  We agreed to meet and I had dinner with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and his gracious wife.  Sharing our experiences and hearing of God’s blessings with them was a highlight of the day.

Following was a stop in Memphis with my friend Susan, then a few days later a stop in Quitman, TX with our Administrator, Karon.  Finally I arrived in San Antonio, TX.  I was glad not to drive anywhere for awhile.  There was a little rest here but I also had to begin to prepare for returning to Israel!

With only a few more days now before I travel north and less than two weeks before I board my flight to Israel, there is so much yet to do… But then that always seems to be the case; and I suspect it is for many people.  It seems never enough time but we can trust God always gives us exactly what we need.

In the midst of traveling, working, meeting people and speaking, there are a few things I want to say I have found consistently make a difference.  Never be so busy to skip these:

  • Take time to pray.  Without communication with your GPS (God’s Positioning System) we have no idea which way to go.
  • Take time to read God’s Words.  Without the instruction manual, your GPS can seem like strange instructions.
  • Take time to educate yourself.  Read books and listen to CD/DVD’s that will help you learn new things, be encouraged by others and receive in depth understanding of the world around you and scripture.
  • Make Israel #1 in your life.  Learn about them, their history, their culture and how you can pray for and bless them.  This is the key to success in all you do.

As I prepare to get on the road again, I pray the Lord will bless each one of you with the knowledge and understanding of His goodness and His love.

Filling the gas tank of my car and my personal spiritual tank as well,



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