Delayed? Or God’s Timing?

On the last newsletter we had listed that I would be arriving in Israel on October 14th.  That was already a delay of two weeks from MY original plan.  No matter, two weeks will still be okay.  After all I had plans to:

  • take volunteers to visit Survivors
  • meet with an organization leader
  • see lots of friends
  • get back to work in my office in Israel
  • hug my cat
  • spend time with special friends from Denmark
  • meet new friends and volunteers from Russia
  • talk to the director of TBN Russia
  • go see the sea
  • and much more

However, apparently the ultimate Plan Maker had other ‘plans.’

  • My flight is changed- now going in November.
  • gave up my meeting
  • my friends will understand and wait
  • I will work in my office HERE in TX instead
  • others will take the volunteers visiting
  • lots of other people will continue hugging my cat
  • my friends from Denmark will go home soon and I will miss them which makes me sad
  • I will email TBN Russia
  • the sea will wait for me
  • I have very much work that will occupy me here

I could be bummed, or sad, or mad; I could be frustrated or possibly disappointed;  I could even be worried! (But what a waste of time that would be.)

But the funny thing is I am not any of those.  Because if I trust God I will never be disappointed.  He says so in the Psalms.

There are other good things happening while I am here.  Apparently God knew (amazing!) I needed to be here for now.

I love to see how God plans ahead of us and if we wait on HIS timing, it all comes together.

Very soon I will be sharing with you the good things God is doing.  Something new… something I think is special…

Excited to soon share,


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