When God Fulfills a Vision

It seems like we have been waiting for a very long time.  From the beginning of this work we have known eventually the activities of AHI should be shared with the people of Israel.  To accomplish this a non-profit, called an amuta, would have to be established in Israel.  This takes time and lots of patience.

We began this process over three years ago.  Recently we received confirmation that the name of the amuta could be changed from Abundant Hope to “Justice (or Righteousness) for Generations.”  This name reflects what the organization represents and helps distinguish it from the parent company in the USA.  All along we have been bringing honor and relationships to the Holocaust Survivors of Israel.  But many people ask us,

“When they are gone, then what?  You will have nothing more to do.”

I say, “Not true.  We certainly will have quite a lot to do.”

The children of the Survivors are referred to as the Second Generation Holocaust Survivors.  Why?  Even as the trauma of the Holocaust affected their parents, it also affected their children.  Think of second hand smoke.   A toxic poison that changes a person.

We will take care of the children too.  Think of the comfort this brings to the Survivors, to know someone will care about their children.  And, those who care will continue to come from around the world to join hands with those in charge of the amuta: Israeli citizens.

There has been one thing standing in the way of the amuta being officially active.  Taxes.  One of those sure things in life.  We had to be registered with the tax authority in Israel to use the bank account, pay employees, purchase needs- the general activity of an organization.  That process has taken almost as long as just being registered and our name approved!

But as of today- it is complete!  Yonatan has been working non-stop on this, taking care of the Board, registering the new name, contact with the accountant and authorities…  Yonatan has been relentless and today it paid off!

To us it seemed to take a very long time- but God’s Timing is always perfect!  We continued to pray and wait and push to go forward.  We did not give up but kept at it while trusting God.  He says to trust Him and we will never be disappointed.

Today we give all praise to the God of the Universe, Ha Shem, who has brought every portion of this preparation through!

I can hardly wait to see what He has planned next!  If you are interested in being a part of God’s amazing work, let us know.  We welcome those willing to help hold the plow.

Waiting but not standing still,



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