“There’s So Much Hope, So Much Work for Us to Do”

By Yonatan Allon

Recently while my wife and I were watching one of our favorite television shows I heard Hope in hands (Small)this quote that caught my attention:

“There’s so much hope, so much for us to do.” 

Of course the context of the quote was quite different, yet nonetheless something about the statement resonated with my work at AHI.  I have been the Director of Israeli Operations for about six months now, and in the past few weeks I have been reflecting back on this time.

In this short, yet seemingly long, amount of time I have had the privilege to meet with heads of Survivor organizations, to translate meetings between volunteers and survivors, to distribute hand-made quilts, as well as doing various essential administrative tasks. I am continually amazed by how much our seemingly simple visits touch these people. Our presence, concern and attention given to them provide hope.

But I must add that just as important, they give me hope. I see these people who have gone through unimaginable tragedies, and yet continue on. Even a glimpse of their smiles means so much to me. I understand and acknowledge that some struggle more than others with the burden of the past, but what unites us all is the hope for a better future. That is why I can say, “There’s so much hope”. It is a mutual hope: hope that we can share with them, yet at the same time their hope that inspires us.

The second part of the statement is equally as relevant: “so much work for us to do”. I am also continually reminded of how much work there is for us as an organization. We are making new connections and meeting new people which mean that our options and plans are expanding.

We as an organization want to play our part, and our desire is for more people to be involved so they too can contribute what they can to this work, touching the lives of Holocaust Survivors in Israel.


th7OC0KP6D (Small)To participate and join Yonatan in Israel bringing hope to the Holocaust Survivors, go to www.ahi-il.org to contact us, fill out a volunteer application, join our prayer team, adopt a Survivor, make crafts for the Heirloom Project or donate to assist these precious people.

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