The Story of Katrina

“My name is Karina Treptau.  I was born in Kazakstan and grew up there but now I live in Germany.  I am twenty years old.  I would love to share my testimony of what God has done in this week when I arrived to Beit Shalom house in Akko, city of Israel.

   “Since I was born I never saw my real father.  He is a Jew and I heard of him, that he lives somewhere in Israel. Growing up as a child I always wanted to meet with my dad, and this   desire was stored up in my heart until now.  I had no idea how to find him.

    “In January 2014 the Lord gave me His words of promise that in this year I have to go to    Israel to meet with my father.  Of course I was surprised but had no clue how it would happen.  And it is not an easy thing to come to Israel due to financial and visa issues.

    “I simply chose to believe God because He is always faithful.  From January to September, for nine months, I have been waiting for His promise.  Finally His promise came true.

    “I came to Israel and stayed in wonderful Akko city from where God’s revival will start.  I believe that Akko is like an open well of fresh water from which rivers of living water will flow throughout Israel.  In Akko the Lord opened His doors for me and sent wonderful people who helped and supported me the whole week.; they helped me to find my father.  Many wonderful things happened here.  It was a wonderful and unforgettable time together. 

 “ I would like to thank those I met in Akko in Beit Shalom house:

Pastor Ilana Yusupova        Arlene from USA

Ayana from Siberia             Yonatan and his family from Israel

Jan from UK

   “Thank you very much! With your help I could meet with my real dad after twenty years!  Yeshua is wonderful.”    – Karina Treptau

 Update: Karina met with her father, grandparents and aunts.  She stayed with the grandparents for two nights.  She was very welcome.

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