Survivor Survival Packs

Sometimes we of AHI have had wonderful, needed projects but for some reason were not able to go forward.  Maybe it is due to God’s Perfect Timing.

NAHARIYA, Israel: An Israeli man looks at the damage in a house that was hit from a Katyusha rocket attack fired by Hezbollah guerrillas from southern Lebanon that hit the northern Israeli coastal town of Nahariya, An Israeli civilian was killed… (Photo credit GALI TIBBON/AFP/Getty Images)able to go forward.  Maybe it is due to God’s Perfect Timing.

Imagine if an elderly person, in this case a Holocaust Survivor, were in a building hit by a rocket and now trapped in rubble.  Imagine the trauma to someone who has experienced war before.  It is our hope to give them the comfort of being prepared and supplies to provide for their needs if they are in such a position.  It is entirely possible.  Rockets are aimed at all parts of Israel from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Iran and beyond.

We have discussed Survival Packs for Survivors before, had some funding come in but were not able to go forward in adequate numbers.  We have researched what goes in it (the picture is a sample only) to provide needs for someone elderly.

Well, the time has come and we are ready to put together 100 Survival Packs.  Our estimate is $50/each.  Best part?  A matching gift is available until March 1, 2019.

Our goal is to have 50 prepared by end of February; the other 50 by the end of April.  We are asking IDF soldiers to help distribute the packs and explain their use.  A follow-up program will check back with each one and renew any items that may have expired.

Please! Help us fill the Survival Packs.  Donate HERE and know your donation will immediately double.  You supply one pack and we will be able to fill two!  Choose E-Giving and make a note of “Survival Pack”.

May God bless you for helping the Survivors in the next war!

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