Every day Holocaust Survivors still remember those lost during WWII…

…Every day we remember those who survived and are still living.

It has been just shy of 15 years since we began visiting and honoring Survivors of the Holocaust living in Israel.  In the beginning we had no idea of the need or impact our care would have.

Bringing the unconditional love of HaShem, relieving their loneliness, simultaneously repairing their homes and hearts.



“Your visits mean so much to me.  I wish you could come every day!”

“Thank you! Thank you! I could not have gotten to my doctor appointment without your help!”

“Look at my toenails!  I needed the pedicure so much. Thank you.”

“This handmade quilt, to replace all I lost in the war, means I can give my grandchildren an heirloom after all.  Thank you!”

“I listen to the Psalms and Proverbs on my unit [Megavoice] from your organization, but now my son is using it.”

Over the past year every gift, service, visit, repair, concert and letter was provided through the giving of each sweet donor.  We could not have done anything without you.

Three days left in 2018 for year- end giving.

We need your help for the projects and desperate needs coming up in this next year.  Time is running out for the Survivors…

Will you help?

Online: https://www.ahi-il.org/donate/

E-Giving (recommended) or PayPal

Wire USA: 


Wells Fargo Bank, 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104 USA

Abundant Hope International

Acct #2000037731777



Same info except change for SWFT code: #121000248 


Tzedek le Dorot, Shaldag 18, Akko 232449 Israel

Bank Hapoalim #580530830


Thank you for being a “Giver” to Holocaust Survivors.


“A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.”   Proverbs 18:16


To contact us, you can reach anyone in AHI: hope@ahi-il.org

Use the subject line to indicate whom or what department you would like to reach.

Contributions & E-Giving: 

AHI, P.O. Box 760183, San Antonio, TX 78245

For donations, checks should be written to:
“Abundant Hope International”
or safely donate online with

E-giving at www.ahi-il.org/donate/

Questions on donation procedures

Adopt a Survivor:
  or call 717-592-0859

Prayer Team Coordinator
 or call 717-557-5775

Volunteer at Beit Shalom
or call 717-557-5775


(FAX)  +972-4-981-0737 (ISRAEL)
Susan Heagy  susanh@ahi-il.org 
717-542-8810 (US)
+972-54-810-0441 (ISRAEL)

To donate through Israel charity- contact Susan Heagy at the above email and phone.

Beit Shalom
Shaldag 18, Akko 232449 ISRAEL


Or call Susan at +972-54-8100-441 (ISRAEL) or to call in the USA, 1-717-557-5775 to the Administrative phone

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