AHI Visitation in Israel Continues

Tea Time Beit Shalom 2 (Small)God has given us a good translator in the person of Elena from Siberia. She came at the perfect time to learn our visiting methods and has done well in continuing visitation, handling Beit Shalom guests and volunteers, maintaining the property and even caring for Tiger, the Resident Cat!  Tiger - May 2014 (Small)


When Susan travels, Elena keeps the work going.  We are grateful to have her with us!  Elena has kept busy:

  • Visiting Survivors in their homes
  • Going to see Survivors who are in nursing facilities
  • Doing errands for a Survivor in physical need
  • Arranging for the renovation projects for volunteers to fulfill
  • Delivering birthday flowers
  • Elena serving tea to Survivors at Beit Shalom
  • Translating for everyone at the Marketplace 2016Marketplace Akko Mar 2016 (Small)

Thank you, Elena, for all your hard work and love you pour into the Survivors!

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