MORE Budget Line Items

Would you like to know what kind of costs are involved to serve Survivors in Israel?  When you donate you are welcome to designate your donation.  Regular donations assure these items continue.  Our thanks to those who already give regularly for our every day needs!

  • Accountant for Shayfa Tikva, Israeli non-profit – 500nis ($147) /month
  • Car Insurance  & service – 500nis ($147) /month
  • Gasoline 1500nis ($441) /month
  • One Translator, two days a week- 2213nis ($650) /month
  • Postal costs – stamps + packages – 500nis ($147) /month
  • Birthday flowers – 1400nis ($412) /month
  • Home Repair Services – 1500nis ($441) /month
  • Survivor personal situations such as private luncheon, clothing or food needs – 500nis ($147) /month


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