The Steps from Meeting to Serving

We are sometimes asked how we actually “do” what we do.  What is the process and how do we make a difference for Holocaust Survivors?  Come with us as we take you on a journey of blessing those who survived the Shoah.

Yacov survived the Leningrad Siege: a city under attack by the Germans and cut off from the outside for 900 days- about 2 1/2 years.  Almost 1 million people starved to death- 1/3 of the population.  We discovered a variety of needs on our visits and began to address them as we could.

We realized Yacov’s wife, Marianna,  was sleeping on a very old sofa they brought from Russia.  A friend Alex came to help.  First he removed the old sofa and took it to the trash.

AHI bought a new bed and delivered it.   Alex brought the new bed into their apartment and assembled it.

 Once completed our volunteers put the new linens on the new mattress.

In addition we brought a hand-knit vest and a jacket to keep her warm.  Now she was all set with warm clothes and new sleeping arrangements!

Marianna’s daughter was on hand as well as Elena, our AHI translator and another volunteer, Jan.  They gave up their free time on Erev Shabbat to do this for them.

Yacov was in need of a new duvet to keep him warm and replace his very heavy and old blankets that no longer kept him warm.  He gave a big smile and a grateful thank you when Elena covered him with the pretty new duvet.

What a great feeling to have a new bed!  Thank you to the AHI donors who gave so we could help Survivors!

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